Hatha Yoga Classes, Workshops, and Retreats by Fran Gallo

Fran Gallo is one of the most sought after yoga teachers in the Pacific NW. She teaches Hatha yoga classes and workshops in several studios in the Seattle area and conducts homestyle, weekend retreats in Ocean Shores, WA. In April 2017 she will be hosting two week-long retreats in Sicily. Each of Fran’s classes is unique in content and comprehensive in scope. She may focus on one area of the body, but by the end of class all areas of your body feel relaxed and stronger. Her knowledge of yoga, soothing delivery, and multi-level instructions are what make her classes unique and suited to everyone. A typical class is attended by beginners, seasoned yogis, seniors (including many men), yoga teachers, and professional athletes.
At the end, everyone feels stronger, more flexible, relaxed and refreshed. Her classes are truly a complete mind-body experience. View FRAN’S YOGA EVENT/CLASS SCHEDULE for a complete schedule of classes and retreats.

For more detailed information on Fran’s yoga events, see her workshops and one day retreat page and links to international retreats below.

Fran’s popular blog contains posts on yoga, nature, travel and life in general. You can sign-up from the blog page to receive notifications via email of regular posts.

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