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Fran Gallo grew up in an Italian family in NW Indiana. She is the only family member born in the USA, her parents and sisters having immigrated from the small village of Grotte near Agrigento, Sicily. She is fluent in Italian and fluent in her parent’s Sicilian dialect, “Grutisi.” She graduated from Indiana University, studied French literature and culture at the Universite de Strasbourg in France for one year. Fran was a Peace Corps volunteer in Ziguinchor, Senegal, in West Africa. She later spent three years in Japan where she met her husband, Rick Clark.

Fran started practicing yoga as a means of releasing tension after long hours of working as an English Instructor at Green River Community College (Washington). Love of yoga made Fran decide to devote herself to learning this art in order to share its healing effects with others. In 1996, Fran studied intensively with and was certified under Yogi Vikashananda in Nepal. She has been teaching ever since then. According to Fran, the magic of yoga is in the discovery of being able to go beyond what we perceive as our limits and in the profound sense of peace and balance one feels after just one session of practice.

Fran’s teaching accommodates multi-level groups, includes concise verbal cues and gentle adjustments, and goes well beyond the physical aspect of Hatha Yoga. She attends yoga conferences and workshops regularly in order to continue her own yoga training. Some of Fran’s teachers include Angela Farmer, Erich Schiffmann, Donna Farhi, and Tias Little. Fran has recently taught/directed teacher training certification programs for the 200 hour level. She is also a Reiki practitioner.

Most recently Fran has begun teaching Yoga Therapy for the Special Needs Child.  She received initial training in August and  September 2014 and completed an intensive study program with Sonia Sumar at the Santa Barbara Yoga Center in June of 2015.  Fran is a Licensed Yoga for the Special Child® Practitioner as of June 2015.

Fran loves music ranging from classical guitar to African music. She practices meditation, enjoys reading, studying languages, traveling, backpacking, cycling, cross-country skiing, gardening (vegetables and flowers), and cooking. Fran has made Seattle, Washington her home since 1991 and enjoys living in the Green Lake neighborhood of Seattle.  She spends most weekends at her coastal home in Ocean Shores, Washington.  Fran offers yoga retreats in the US and abroad.

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